With social media set to the be ‘advertising winner’ at the World Cup, many things have changed since networks like Facebook and Twitter were created. Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook advertising in 2007, effectively taking the social element out of social media.

We recently took part in a webinar with Cision UK, who outlined the following points:


The ten steps to social media success:


When is your audience most active online?

Use online tools like Google Analytics to see when your online traffic peaks and create campaigns around these

Are you taking full advantage of your content?

Think about what your audience would like to see next – make sure the content you are providing of interest and relevant to them

Are your communications reaching the right people?

Who are your key influencers? Reaching out to these people can add value to your online presence, but make sure they are sending the right message

What does your content consist of?

Nobody likes a friend who only talks about themselves. Add a sense of proportion to your content between news and industry-relevant information

Do competitions and polls work for your brand?     

Do you want quality or quantity followers? Well thought-out integrated campaigns can generate traffic and revenue

Does your company follow a social media policy?

Make sure you have a clear social personality and that all content is on-brand and relates to your online and offline campaigns

What is ‘Social Selling’?

It may be the latest buzzword, but social selling isn’t actually about trying to sell a product on social media. It relates to setting up your potential customer base, rather than pitching to them.

Can a picture spark 1,000 shares?    

Figures show that posts which contain images generate 84% more click-throughs than just text

Are you letting your social media personality shine?

Your brand’s persona may be one of your USPs. Make sure your following knows why your are different from the competition

Did video kill the boring post?         

When creating a video for social media channels, the content is much more important than the quality; the average users spends 88% more time on a website with a video