A new year has begun and our first week back in the Wild West office has been spent pondering one very important question in the world of food PR: what exactly will we be, eating, drinking, buying and Instagramming in 2017?

From the hottest restaurants to the latest new cookbooks and food technologies, this week’s national newspapers have been bursting with insights into the weird and wonderful food trends to come.

As a food and drink PR agency, the latest foodie trends are our bread and butter (excuse the pun). Here are our top five for 2017:

  1. Purple Food- According to Stylist, consumer analysts at Whole Foods claim that purple food will be taking over our plates next year. Perhaps unsurprising to foodies on Instagram who are familiar with yam-dyed dips and soups, veg like purple cabbage, carrots and asparagus are full of potent nutrients and antioxidants. Purple potatoes are said to contain four times the amount of antioxidants as normal spuds! Read more about how purple is the new green on the Wild Card website.



  1. Marbling- The Telegraph claims that marbling is no longer just an interiors trend. A giant leap on from 1970s favourite the marble cake, bakers are now creating beautifully marbled icing, macaroons and meringues. Not only is the technique deceptively easy to execute, but the finished product has proven to be extremely shareable across social media platforms.



  1. Savoury yoghurts- According to Waitrose’s executive Jonathan Moore, a booming trend in the US is heading for Britain this year. Vegetable yoghurts are infused using flavours such as beetroot, carrot, sweet potato or tomato. Forget sweet greek style or berry medleys – veggie yoghurts are expected to fly off supermarket shelves and straight onto Instagram feeds nationwide this year.



  1. ‘Smart’ kitchen gadgets – From Samsung’s Wi-Fi oven to Nespresso’s new Expert machine, enabling caffeine lovers to customise their coffee order using Bluetooth, 2017 is undoubtedly the year of the sci-fi kitchen. According to The Telegraph the global market for smart appliances will grow 15.4 per cent by 2020 – watch this space.



  1. Insta-ready food- According to the BBC Good Food Nation survey, 40% of millennials have posted photos of their food on their social media, with 30% snapping away when they’re eating in a restaurant or café. Whether it’s a freakshake, purple-hued soup or the alarmingly blue coffee below, it seems like when it comes to food, looks really do count! Read more about social media foodie trends and the importance of ‘shareability’ in our #FoodPorn blog.



Megan Hocking - Senior Campaign Executive at Wild West CommsWords: Megan Hocking

Account Manager at Wild West Comms