As 2017 draws to a close, we’ve taken a look back over the past twelve months to select our favourite campaigns to share with you. Below are six of the best (in our opinion) – consider them Christmas PResents from us to you, and enjoy!

1. It’s estimated that there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean, 269,000 tons of which float on its surface. A terrifying issue that environmental charity, Surfers Against Sewage, is dedicated to tackling. Working with M&C Saatchi PR, this July saw the launch of SAS’s Wasteland Warship campaign, which used a 30ft warship made out of ocean plastic from around the UK’s coastline to communicate a message about a growing, continent-sized island of plastic rubbish – the North Pacific Gyre – floating in the North Pacific. A fantastically effective behavioural-change campaign that took our breath away and created a real buzz across all platforms.

2. A Wild Card activation we’re exceedingly proud of is our Tilda Tri Try campaign. Why? It pushed Tilda out to a whole new target audience of young millennials with activity that hinged on tapping into the hot new fitness trend Urban Tri. An Urban Tri event was the pinnacle of a campaign that was built by news generation, listings, ambassador placement and social targeting. The event was a huge success and the campaign generated 70 pieces of coverage across target lifestyle consumer media, as well as a social reach of 4063k.

3. From Wild West, our Kelly’s of Cornwall Attes Campaign was all about pivoting the brand, and moving ice cream off the product pages. Attes is a Cornish word which means unhurried and relaxed. We used it to crystalise and define the Cornish lifestyle, to encourage people across the UK to adopt the laid-back Cornish attitude. (Move over Hygge, 2017 is all about Attes!) We created collateral around Attes, and bolstered with consumer research revealing that Brits are in the grip of a ‘time-poor’ epidemic. We reached 56.7m consumers with our campaign via traditional and social media.

4. Another watery campaign (there’s a theme emerging) that we loved was WaterAid and Tin Man’s Untapped campaign. Tackling the serious and deadly issue of a lack of clean drinking water in many parts of the world, this approach stood out to us because of its powerful simplicity.  The Untapped campaign was launched with 800 colourful empty water buckets placed along River Thames, representing the 800 children who die every day due to a lack of clean water. This campaign was timely and effective, driving a cause for change – with ‘buy a bucket’ donations being matched by the Government.

5. A Wild West gem that we’re keen to share is our Another Place, The Lake campaign, which we believe is an exemplary example of an influential media relations programme that utilised our media and influencer contacts, was carefully timed, and directly drove sales. We set out to announce and bring to life the launch of a new hotel in the Another Place Group, The Lake, as a destination, and the result was coverage that generated hundreds of bookings.

6. Last but by no means least is another campaign from Wild Card, this time for New Covent Garden Soup. Our campaign objective was to communicate ‘livening up your lunch’ with New Covent Garden Soup and ‘Eating Lunch on a Loop’ was our creative comms platform with the media facing content. Our carefully chosen platform was one which engaged our audience and got conversation flowing, leading with the fact that most Brits eat the same thing for lunch daily, with multiple references to the brand throughout the campaign period. The resulting coverage included 22 appearences in the national press and set the news agenda as the week progressed.


Ellie G - Head of Media Relations at Wild West Comms

Words: Ellie Glason 

Senior Creative Director at Wild West Comms