Food Trends, the media goes mad for them, the food industry speculates over them and Insta is ablaze with them; so of the 2017 food trend predictions what really made it into hands and mouths this year and which ones were only consumed on chip paper?

First, the wins. Hats off to all those who shouted about- Orange Wine and Turmeric – both well and truly ticked boxes this year, with Orange Wine widely seen in the media and on menus; Turmeric likewise with ‘Golden Milk’ (as they have been coined) Lattes on menus and Turmeric Latte mix products in retail. Other winners, the predicted trend for Low alcohol and no alcohol drinks – driven by the lower in-take of alcohol by 16-24 year olds as well as a general healthification – can be seen in Tesco’s low alcohol wine range and the growing popularity of drinks like Seedlip. A definite hit and set to go further – Waste, bubbling under with Hugh FW at the helm for years; the subject area is being adopted and bought into the media spotlight by more and more chefs and now bar talent too including Ryan Cheti (World’s Best Bartender 2015), who has opened Cub in partnership with Doug McMaster of Zero-Waste restaurant Silo. Cocktails and waste are currently squaring up to ‘be big’ in 2018. 

Enjoying continued air time, The Biggie – Veganism with ongoing media coverage throughout the year and restaurants widening out their offering to maximise on the trend – what’s next? A move into vegan desserts (something Roast in Borough is already doing with a Vegan Christmas Pudding on the menu). Hawaii’s Poke continued to gain ground as well as vegetable/legume takes on carbs – cauli-rice and quinoa, lentil and chickpea noodles.

What about the misses? Sea vegetables didn’t hit as anticipated and neither did insects, Aquavit (Scandinavian drink), Mangosteen, Kumquats and Mangosteen or Ital (Jamaican vegetarian cuisine) along with Koji (Japanese fermenting ingredient) and savoury yoghurt. But all may yet still come to fruition…

But the The Big no show of 2017? We were all set to be powered by purple food – purple cauliflower, aubergine, acai to name a few, with all the promise of colour, high nutrient density and antioxidants. The media raved widely about it and Wholefoods set their stall on it, but where was it? Standard coloured Cauliflower was ultimately where it was at. 

And finally, reported on but only just beginning to gain ground– Camel milk, Wake and Cake (yes, that’s cake for breakfast). Watch this space as they say.

Roll on 2018 and a new crop of trends to keep watch on!