As a PR and social agency, tailored storytelling with creative content is at the heart of everything we do. Whatever platform you’re using, content that will grab the attention of the target audience is key. This is as true for a news gen project to be sold in to national news desks, as it is for a social advertising campaign executed through Facebook Adverts Manager.   

We recently started a spring promotional campaign for the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery, using existing content created in-house which we bolstered with fresh video and graphic design.

Our campaign strategy focused on two key objectives:

  • Targeting surrounding areas most likely to convert audiences to visitors. In short, we used previous campaign insights and location demographics to achieve this; e.g. targeting 65+ age groups in local areas on days with public transport to the Nursery.
  • Deliver engaging, high quality content that stands out on social maximising existing collateral. To do this we created a series of videos and infographics highlighting the latest updates at the nursery, making sure our ads were newsworthy with fresh information for our audiences.

[mk_blockquote style=”quote-style” font_family=”none” text_size=”12″ align=”centre”]Our focus was communicating the story of the nursery and making sure that what we shared with audiences was genuinely helpful – so absolutely #NoSpamming.[/mk_blockquote]

Succulents Tips - Duchy of Cornwall Nursery - Wild West Comms

Here are 3 top tips to make sure you do the same for your brand:

  1. Be Helpful – Figure out what it is your audience needs to know. If your brand is well-known and regionally focused like the Nursery, odds are that a lot of local people have already visited. What can you tell them they won’t know already? Share new features or product updates to be relevant to your consumers.
  2. Be Inspiring – Share your brand’s values in a format that makes them stand out. If your brand has stunning visuals, like beautiful plants at the Nursery, tailor your messaging around photography. This way you’re making your sales messaging do less work and letting the fundamental assets of the brand take the lead and work harder.
  3. Be Smart – Don’t let the creativity stop once the campaign goes live. Make sure you check in on your Facebook Ads Manager every couple of hours to adjust and hone your advertising strategy. Whatever sum you have for Facebook advertising, split it up into four or more ad runs. This way you can delve into your stats on the fly and figure out what’s working and what’s not. The result? Better R.O.I and therefore happy clients.

In summary, make sure your campaigns clearly demonstrate brand value. Do this with creative that’s fresh and engaging, and authentically tell the brand story to maximise budget and ability to hit business targets. 

Good luck with your next campaign, and if you found these tips helpful jump on LinkedIn and follow us for weekly tips – it only takes two seconds…

Words: Sam Shrimpton

Senior Campaign Executive at Wild West Comms