A key part of the work we do at Wild West and Wild Card, is search for key insights to build a strong PR story, it’s a vital part of what we do.

To make an impactful sell-in to national and regional media, we absorb our client’s character and qualities to create the most captivating print and digital content possible. This month, Wild Card visited the Johnson Cleaners’ factory in Rugby for feature inspiration to get the inside scoop on the UK’s leading dry cleaning business.

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Wild Card met with an expert team at the Johnson Cleaners factory to learn all about the specialist dry cleaning processes from start to finish.  The expert leather, suede and fur team explained the detailed approach to each individual item such as the intricate removal of every button before cleaning to minimise damage. Wedding dresses are reviewed individually to ensure maximum care is taken to protect embellishments and to guarantee every stain is found.

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There are two unique rooms which offer specialist cleaning exclusive to Johnson Cleaners. The UV chamber highlights stains invisible to the naked eye that may become more prominent over time, and the Ozone room removes bacteria and odours without potentially damaging delicate materials in the dry cleaning process. With these in mind, Johnson provides the ultimate levels of personalisation to the cleaning and restoration process.

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Having met with the some of the Johnson’s expert staff, with decades of experience in the cleaning industry, we came away with fresh ammunition to create feature content and sell-in collateral. The UV chamber and Ozone room are an invaluable USP to the company and a great way to gain cut through in the media. Keep an eye out for more exciting activity coming up soon!