Instagram – 200 million users later

Instagram now has 200 million monthly active users sharing 60m photos a day. More importantly, 50 million of those users signed up in the last six months, which means Instagram grew by roughly 100% in the last year.

Since being bought by Facebook, the photo-sharing platform has added support for Windows Phone, introduced Instagram Direct – a private photo sharing feature – and added the ability to share video clips of up to 15 seconds.

In homage to Instagram’s continued success here’s our top 10 image ideas and photo tips that will really get your followers engaged:

  1. Show off your products; create a virtual shop window
  2. Give an insight into how your products are made
  3. Snap behind the scenes – everyone loves a backstage pass!
  4. Capture your product / brand in action
  5. Snap and post exclusive shots to make followers feel special
  6. Who are you and where are you? Show off your brand home and its journey
  7. Cute-factor: your brand along with animals or children will always steal the limelight
  8. Capture when you’re out on the road at trade shows and events
  9. A face to a name – followers will enjoy seeing the faces behind your brand or business
  10. Don’t overdo the caption or those hashtags – let a picture do the talking

Twitter – more ‘click click’ rather than ‘tweet tweet’

Twitter recently took one giant leap to becoming more like its biggest competitor, Facebook, after introducing photo tagging and increasing the amount of photos that could be shared per tweet to four.

What does this increase in photos per tweet and tagging mean?

Now users are able to tweet multiple users without having to mention them within the body of a tweet. The increase in images quite simply gives greater capacity to share. A recent study found that ‘verified account’ tweets with photos averaged a 35% boost in retweets.

This significant change is a big step by Twitter to further increase the amount of content that’s shared on the micro-blogging site. What’s more apparent than ever is the power of the image to try and get cut through and engage with your audience.

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Facebook 2020

Facebook’s recent acquisition of virtual reality technology company Oculus VR for $2 billion definitely got the social tongues talking. Many trend watchers have been looking forward and have been trying to predict what the purchase really means and what it could mean for Facebook’s future.

Experts have noted that it demonstrates the growing opportunity for revenue within technology in other industries. The strongest message that’s coming through is the growing thirst for using virtual reality technology to change ways of working and improve customer experiences.

It’s certainly an exciting ‘watch this space’ to see how Facebook might present a brand new way for people to communicate and share experiences through the social network.


The latest social media craze in recent weeks has been the #NoMakeupSelfie. Started by a mum, and adopted by celebrities, the viral sensation was soon picked up and everyone was taking selfies of themselves with no make-up on then nominating others to follow suit.

Cancer Research UK said the campaign raised £2million in the first 48 hours of going live, with hundreds of thousands of donations from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter users.

Whether you posted or you didn’t, the campaign worked. The ‘selfie’ craze is already a huge phenomenon in itself and the campaign succeeded in tapping into a new audience. Quite simply it encouraged engagement, kept it simple and was for a good cause! Three traits that gets everyone talking…and sharing!

Inevitably the meme has now moved on, with the variously ingenious and slightly more ludicrous #sellotapeselfie and the #manandmakeup emerging, populated largely by men, some of whom have encouraged donations for men’s cancer charities.