At Stylist Live we attended a talk from award-winning travel blogger Bonnie Rakhit of the The Style Traveller, who shared insights on how to run a successful travel blog and how to keep content fresh and purposeful. By virtue of her blogging success Bonnie is an expert in content, and although her talk was aimed at aspiring bloggers her insights are applicable to brands too. Our key takeouts are below:

Stay on brand

From social content and website copy to brand partnerships, make sure all your efforts are on brand. If Britishness is an important value to your business consider teaming up with another best-of-British brand to reinforce your messaging. Keep your tone of voice consistent with the personality of your business across all communications, including your social channels.

We recently worked with Tresco Island on a partnership with Sophie Conran to tap into a likeminded audience and to reinforce the importance of quality, design and beauty, which is echoed throughout every aspect of Tresco’s destination offering.

Top blogger content tips to elevate your brand on social.


Sporadic quality content is better than frequent noise

Quality over quantity rings true when it comes to content on your company blog, newsletters or social channels. Ensuring your content is useful and valuable to your audience is paramount: leave them wanting more rather than spamming them in an effort to get their attention.

We recently worked with Falmouth University on a short social media advertising campaign for Stormtide Games, and employed a compact series of timed, targeted and considered adverts sharing gameplay content with great results.


The power of people

Bonnie shared some interesting insights around the engagement levels for her posts and photos, and revealed that the most successful posts were those which featured her.

People buy into people – the faces behind your brand bring your business to life. Make your content personable and give your brand authenticity by giving those behind the scenes a voice. Featuring your team, for example on your social media channels, will encourage interaction and create connections with your audience.


Sasha Parkes - Senior Digital Executive at Wild West Comms

Words: Sasha Parkes

Senior Digital Exec at Wild West Comms