JAB Anstoetz


JAB asked us to…

Reinforce the relationships between JAB Anstoetz and their trade interior designer clients through the brand’s owned channels.

What we did…

As part of a wider digital campaign including newsletters and search engine optimised copywriting for JAB’s websites, we created an annual content calendar for all the JAB UK social channels and Houzz with the aim of driving quality traffic to the website. Content was devised to engage the specifier audience and through a programme of outreach and research, links were built with the key accounts.

What we achieved

The traffic to the website doubled, page views doubled, social media referrals increased 20,000% in the first ten months, bounce rate decreased from 34% to 15% and following on all social media channels increased exponentially settling at a minimum continual increase of 20% YOY on all channels.


Joseph Joseph

Coverage Generation

Highland Spring Group

Integrated Campaign

Tetley Tea

PR & Communications Strategy


Communications Strategy



The quality PR campaign by Wild Card was one of the best the brand has ever achieved in its 175 year history. The national and international level of coverage was staggering, and drove a similar level of awareness to many significant advertising campaigns.

Amy Holdsworth, Marketing DirectorTetley

Although we are an established American brand, we started from ground zero in the UK. Wild Card has taken Samuel & Sons and quickly established it as a leading luxury brand by introducing the product to the press and securing countless editorial coverage pieces in leading interior magazines.

Michael Cohen – Managing DirectorSamuel & Sons