Ginsters: Never Tasted so Good

The challenge

Champion Ginsters as a quick, easy and delicious lunch during lockdown.

The solution

We delivered a rapid digital-first response, creating ‘conscious content’ that championed quick, easy and delicious lunches from the get-go.  What did we know?  During the height of lockdown, the formal lunch hour was no more.  New consumer behaviour was afoot.  

Drawing on the brand’s taste, provenance and quality credentials, we implemented a strategic social ads campaign where Ginsters’ products were celebrated as a lunchtime centerpiece with decisive messaging.  From stop motion animations to cinemagraphs, a blend of inspiring content under ‘Best Enjoyed at Home’ and ‘Never Tasted So Good’ positioning banners engaged our community and reached new audiences.

The impact

  • Social content has been collectively viewed more than 302 million times 
  • 30m engagements achieved across the campaign – and counting! 
  • Increased positive sentiment by 142%
  • Supported by 429 media insertions over nine months
  • Supporting growth as Ginsters continues to outperform the category