Tetley: The Million Pound Tastebuds

The challenge

Educate consumers on the quality credentials behind the Tetley brand by tapping into its team of tea blending experts.

The solution

We insured the tastebuds of Tetley’s master blender, Seb, for £1m, accentuating the skill, craft and care that go into the blending of every Tetley tea bag, and elevating understanding for consumers that tea is not just tea. It’s the science, years of training, blending and passion that make the difference in your cuppa. The insurance story hook opened the doors for real interest in tea craft and what goes on in a blending room…

The impact

  • 112 media insertions, including 25 minutes of broadcast interviews with Sky and the BBC on the art and science of Tetley tea blending with Seb
  • Long term, ongoing and regular ‘go to’ status for Seb as a spokesperson for all things hot drinks with the media