Tilda: The Freestyle Ricestaurant

The challenge

With ready to heat packet rice sales on the rise, there was a real opportunity to showcase the versatility, ease of use and depth of global flavours that Tilda had to offer.

The solution

We created the first ever do it yourself ricestaurant, a dine in venue where guests cooked for themselves or their friends in a matter of minutes. Picking up on the freestyle trend of cooking, which focuses less on recipe books and more on opening the fridge and seeing what is there. The concept of having a range of rice options as a base on which to build wider freestyle choices hit the zeitgeist. The ricestaurant featured a table of fresh ingredients, a store cupboard of Tilda global ready to heat rices, and a row of woks with chefs on hand to ‘guide’ guests when needed.

The impact

  • Sold out event with consumers, 70 media and influencer guests in attendance and mass news and content insertions – including 10 national media pieces and an PPTS exposure of 400m
  • 500k social engagements and 89 guest UGC ideas and recipes shared
  • A cultural fit for Tilda as leading the push in the ready to heat category