Clerkenwell Design Week is an ever evolving venture and now comprises of 8 exhibition venues, with 4 more than last year. Within this central London community of showrooms, the late Zaha Hadid’s gallery was more eminent than ever, showcasing the complex Seamless collection. The route towards the main exhibitions was signposted by glass-tiled billboards, created by abstract designer Giles Miller, which attracted as much attention as the showrooms themselves. The key exhibitions unveiled prominent trends, the interior design focused Additions tent featured neon colours, textured lighting designs and Scandi furnishings – a style that was mirrored by the simple furniture designs which dominated the Design Fields location.

Clerkenwell Design Week | Society of British & International Interior Design

Modular, updated office furniture was another theme among many showrooms, with Bisley steel storage units stepping into the spotlight with a fountain installation in the centre of St John’s square.

Tom Dixons collaboration with St James’s Church was no doubt a highlight for most visitors. The marble, glass, iron, brass and copper materials that define Tom Dixon’s brand coordinated seamlessly with the design and colour schemes within this stunning church. This partnership goes beyond the CDW pop-up, with the brand hoping to leave parts of the installations behind to contribute to a community work space and money raised by the soup kitchen held during the week.  All funds collected are to go towards a soup kitchen for the homeless during the winter.