Green Pan 

Founded in 2007, GreenPan™ launched a global revolution in the kitchen by creating the first ceramic non-stick cookware range, free of PTFE, PFAS and PFOA. With industry-leading and innovative technology at front of mind, each pan is ergonomically designed for strength, durability and performance, and comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.

Now in its 5th generation, GreenPan™’s patented non-stick ceramic coating technology has the ability to withstand high temperatures and cook food safely, meaning GreenPan™ is the best choice for a healthy lifestyle.

London PR agency Wild Card was appointed to handle a four month consumer communications project, adding to the consultancy’s expanding Homes & Lifestyle division. Activity focused on building brand awareness of GreenPan™ with target audiences in consumer and retail media. The project also focused on raising awareness of the dangers of traditional non-stick and the brand’s full range of products.