Great British Chefs has released the UK’s most comprehensive survey of food lovers, unearthing British foodies’ voracious appetites when it comes to bang adventurous with food. We discuss what this changing consumer behaviour means for brands.



Targeted at their website users and promoted on Twitter, the Great British Chefs (GBC) survey achieved 5000 responses in the UK, 93% of which stated they either love or really like cooking. This national survey brought to light some thought-provoking consumer insights, revealing what they like to cook, how they like to cook it and what inspires them.



With the surge of cookery shows on TV, it’s no surprise that GBC discovered that foodies absolutely love cooking. Inspired by programmes such as Great British Bake Off and MasterChef, 73% of respondents said that they’ve cooked recipes that they’ve seen on TV, with 85% taking inspiration from search engines and 70% from food websites. Whilst images perform well on social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, foodies are looking to websites for recipes, because of their comprehensive and searchable content. Nevertheless, there’s still something to be said for the honourable cookbook, with 88% cooking recipes from print. However, this method is favoured by the over-35s, with those under 35 most likely to seek inspiration online.



It’s a sad day for the British classics, as foodies are stocking up on global ingredients, with more food lovers owning Thai fish sauce (63%), than brown sauce (63%). Far beyond the traditional pantry, their go-to ingredients can i buy diflucan over the counter include soy sauce (92%), coconut milk (74%), harissa (51%) and tahini (45%). Ollie Lloyd, CEO of Great British Chefs, says: “Britain is one of the most multicultural places in the world and our hunger for new ingredients, cuisines and techniques completely reflects this. Food in the UK today is influenced and inspired by travel, migration and the growing availability of a global store cupboard – it’s no surprise that we’re cooking with more diversity than ever before. It’s phenomenally exciting.”



In today’s time-poor world, where shortcuts are often sought, GBC revealed that foodies are committed to taking the long route. They’re prepared to spend time and money to indulge in their passion, be it on a foodie holiday, professional equipment or exotic ingredients. The growing trend of seasonal, farm-to-table cooking has certainly popularised this relationship with food.



With the vast amount of information available to consumers, they’re consuming more data than the generations before them. As consumer behaviour is evolving, brands need to understand their target audience so that they can communicate with them in the most effective ways. When it comes to the British foodie, GBC’s insight offers brands information on their target audience’s behaviour, what their passions are and how to reach them. Food is central to their life and the lens through which they look at the world. To inspire and engage the British foodie requires careful thought and insight.


The full White Paper detailing the study can be found here