At Wild Card we believe in investing in our team, giving them the time, training and resources to allow them to flourish.

Through our People Project we have developed a unique way to value and nurture every one of our staff from their very first day with us. From flexible working patterns to bespoke life coaching sessions, we help our team members be the very best they can be. 

We offer learning and development opportunities across all levels, ensuring everyone understands the value of their contribution to the business. The aim is to help our staff be the very best they can be, helping to take our business to greater heights.


Once a month, we buy the drinks (and the snacks) at a bar in London to enjoy time together as a team and celebrate our successes.


To make birthdays a little bit more special, we give every team member an additional day of holiday to mark the day however they’d like.


We offer up to four additional days of holiday each year (one per quarter) for team members who have not had to miss a day for sickness.


In an increasingly generic diflucan side effects hectic world, at Wild Card we want to help our team members maintain the right balance. So we arrange for one to one meetings with a professional coach who works with all our employees to help design bespoke tips to create their own winning day.


At Wild Card, we understand how important it is to ensure we look after what gives us the buzz out of work as well as in, so we allow our team members to arrange to start work later or leave earlier to do the things that are important to them.


Each year team members have a formal Appraisal with their line manager to talk about the achievements and challenges and set objectives for the following year. In addition, there are two Personal Development Plan (PDP) meetings during the year which offers an opportunity to review the objectives, discuss training and talk about progress.


Love your PR life, but sometimes find the long hours take their toll? At Wild Card we appreciate hard work, and reward it.  If all’s wrapped up at the end of the week you can hit the exit button at 4:00pm on a Friday.


Our sister agency, Wild West is based in Truro with a strong portfolio of clients across a spectrum of markets.  Spend some time with the team there for inspiration and a new Wild Card experience.