Our expert team is dedicated to keeping ahead of the evolving media landscape and brings a combined expertise from a variety of backgrounds.  We are a mix of media experts, ex journalists, social nerds and strategy specialists.

Richard Medley


Simon Holborow MBE


Katherine Clark

Head of People and Operations

Rhiannon Hennessy

Office Manager

Jasmin Hannington

Head of News

Mollie Streek

Senior Media Manager

Venetia Munro

Head of Content

Gael Dunn

Senior Lifestyle and Travel Director

Victoria Prior

Group Food Director

Aaron Huckett

Head of Digital

Romane Queau

Junior Account Executive

Fiona Moore

Senior Finance Manager

Lacey O’Brien

Finance Assistant

Sam Dibley

Account Executive

Sophie Langridge

Group Brand Director

Kate Wild

Founder & CEO

Tom Barbour

Social Media Manager

Christie Becker

Account Executive

Alex Gore

Account Manager