Digital Team Takeovers

All too often we plan for every eventuality around a major event, from staffing to signage, and who’s going to attend. But how do we ensure we make just as much out of the opportunities in the social space? As well as making the most of engaging those customers and clients in attendance, we shouldn’t forget those cannot make the event, and social media offers the perfect vehicle to deliver this.

In what we’ve termed the ‘Buzz Room’ at Wild Card, we develop turbo charged community management events. These are bespoke to each brand, with the sole intent of generating as much conversation and buzz around an activity as possible. In July, we ran one with Everest Windows to make the most out of their sponsorship of the Celebrity Theatre and four charity gardens at the Hampton Court Flower Show.

The aim was clear; ensure as many people as possible were aware that Everest was at the show and make use of the clear synergy buy fluconazole 50mg between its customers and those for the Hampton Court Flower Show. In order to achieve this, we created over 100 pieces of tailored content during the week with the Everest customer in mind. We combined these assets with a targeted paid media spend to amplify our best performing content.

Huge reach is great, but how do we capitalise and take the most of the opportunity? This is where the Buzz Room comes into its own. Five days of dedicated community management, making the most out of every comment, reply and retweet. Having a two-way conversation with customers and non-customers alike. Everest saw a huge spike in engagement rates during this period and became one of the leading contributors on the official #RHSHampton, stretching above 150k extra reach over the course of the campaign vs. business as usual and an extra 4.4k in engagements.

If you’re looking to activate your social audience and drive engagement on a mass scale, ask about our Buzz Room…