If you’re wondering what your brand needs to look out for in the digital and social media landscape this year, then look no further. We’ve dusted off the old USB crystal ball and identified three key areas we predict will be vital in achieving success in your social media PR strategy this year.


1) The Rise of the Micro Influencer

You’ve no doubt heard this phrase multiple times in 2016 as platforms such as Takumi became more prevalent. This will only continue in 2017 as elite level influencers and celebrities remain expensive, whilst budgets remain fairly flat. The definition of “micro influencer” varies, but broadly speaking we’re looking at those with between 1,000 and 100,000 followers which achieve higher engagement rates and contain audiences whose interests are far easier to define.


While in theory this all sounds very exciting, there are certainly drawbacks as a marketer. In a more traditional blogger campaign with bigger influencers, you must nurture two or maybe three influencer relationships at a time. This number can increase tenfold when working with micro influencers. Algorithms can also present problems. Much as they do for your brand pages, influencers suffer similarly which can make difficult to track, measure and benchmark from person to person.


We expect to see more platforms that make identifying influencers easier and more brands extending their influencer outreach programs to nurture and track the ever growing number of potential influencers.

2) Data-driven recommendations

No marketing decisions should be made without close consultation with some form of data analysis. Data is not just about sales prospecting either, marketers can use data to improve customer relationships. With a single data ecosystem, a powerful algorithm can bring all the data together, analyse it, and provide tailored recommendations for the company at the right time. The ongoing revolution in data analytics is likely to change how brands attract customers, measure and optimize marketing.

3) Content is still king

There’s an awful lot of noise out there and if one thing can make you stand out from the crowd, it’s good content.  Social media algorithms respond to content quality, as they want to serve content that they enjoy seeing. Ultimately, what you pay to get your content in front of an audience depends on how well it resonates. Good content has higher reach and costs less.