This weekend The Guardian invited us to Do Something Tasty, with a round-up of British delicacies and the best places to sample them around the UK. We’ve done a little office poll  and found what dishes best suit each team member. What would your food of choice be?

When we saw sticky toffee pudding on the list, all thoughts went to Marcia. Our self-confessed sugar addict would love to sample the sweet treat from the Cartmel Village Shop in Cumbria (although we’re not sure our Portuguese superstar would be able to handle the cold). It has been rumoured that 25 years ago, Jean Johns started making the dessert in the villages post office – but don’t ask for it to be paired with double cream; it’s ice cream all the way apparently!

When we saw haggis on the list, all the eyes in the office shot to our resident Glaswegian, Mark. Traditionally haggis is made up of oatcakes and offal, all served in a delicious sheep’s stomach lining – yum! However, Stravaigin in Glasgow has given the traditional meal a twist by adding order generic diflucan Jamaican all spice, course ground black pepper and fresh thyme – they sell over 200 a week!

Sarah had to search high and low on the list for a dish that tempted her, and settled on the plum bread with Lincolnshire poacher. However, we had a substitution for the chef! Swap the poacher for a nice piece of Red Leicester and we’re in business. An interesting fact about this delicacy, available from The Cheese Society in Lincoln, is that the plum bread contains none of its namesake fruit and is actually closer to fruit loaf than bread…

Hannah, our office’s very own piece of heaven from Devon, opted for the traditional Cornish pasty. These winter-warmers are best to be consumed from The Lizard Pasty Shop in Cornwall, where we’re told no-one calls them ‘Cornish Pasties’. Resident chef Anne Muller has spent 25 years making pasties here and uses traditional methods, like layering the ingredients by hand and seasoning as she goes. Her pasties go all over the world by mail order, but they are always best consumed in her hometown.