On 16th April, Wild West travelled to the White Rose Centre in Leeds with Clarks, the natural sweetener company, to set up a Sweet-O-Meter to find out just how sweet (or sour) the British public was!


Wild West designed interactive and multiplatform experience, which encouraged consumers to find out how sweet they were by having their photo taken from the Sweet-O-Meter. It measured people’s level of sweetness by judging facial expressions and cheesy grins, calculating whether they were ‘seriously sour’ or ‘exceedingly sweet’. All participants walked away with a smile on their face, a free bottle of Clarks Carob Syrup, a recipe card and their picture.

2016-4-16-35681[3]Online, the public was encouraged to send in ‘sweet selfies’ to be judged by an online Sweet-O-Meter, as well as nominations of acts of kindness for the chance to win a range of prizes.


The activity was launched as part of a strategy to celebrate how ‘everyone deserves a sweeter life’. The campaign gave everyone a chance to liberate their sweeter side – by being encouraged to smile and to celebrate good deeds such as giving a friend a hug or opening a door for a stranger. The campaign ran across online competitions through Good Housekeeping and Your Home, on social and in partnership with HeartFM with a series of pre-event adverts to raise awareness.


The day proved a huge success! 47,000 people came through the doors and our online engagement reached 540,000 people through social, with over 900 entries, 1,800 likes and interactions.


The creative strategy of the Sweet-O-Meter had strong appeal and resonated with the public – and is testament of the British desire to take part in feel-good activities! #thesweetersideoflife


Have a look at what we got up to on the day here:

[vc_video title=”Clarks Sweet-O-Meter” link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuOadwBlGL4″]

Ellie G - Head of Media Relations at Wild West Comms

Words: Ellie Glason

Head of Media Relations at Wild West Comms