OK so it’s actually six questions not five but Bod for Tea is one of the UK’s top parenting and lifestyle blogs, ranked in both the Tots 100 and HIBS 100 list so we think the extra question is warranted. Michelle is a full time mummy and has a huge love for writing. She shares her musings on life and all things family, covering parenting, health, food, travel and fashion. Michelle writes in a humorous and creative way and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with her on a range of different projects. We wanted to get to know a bit more about the woman behind the blog and thought you might too!


How did you get into blogging?

In 2008 my husband and I left behind everything we knew and loved in the UK – including my successful career in Internet Marketing – for a three-year adventure in China. I started blogging there as part of my therapy for Post Natal Depression after the conception and traumatic birth of our daughter in 2009. We arrived back in the UK two years later and to my surprise and delight Bod for tea continued to flourish growing a global readership.

I’m also excited to be launching a new homes and interiors blog this year – The Essex Barn – with inspiration from our dream home in the countryside.


What’s your favourite thing about being a blogger?

It’s very personal putting your life out there on the page for the world to read and I love the amazing does generic diflucan work well feedback I get from my readers when a piece resonates or touches them. If I can reach out and let just one person know they’re not alone (or example with my posts about post-natal depression) or encourage them to be more joyful with my Journey to Joy series this year then that’s a wonderful thing. There’s also something very special about the blogging community and I’m so grateful for the wonderful friends I’ve made.


What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you while blogging?

With two little ones there’s never a dull moment to be honest but this incident when I was sabotaged by ‘poop’ was a particularly special event – thankfully I can laugh about it now!


What’s your favourite recipe?

Ooo that’s a hard one… my husband loves risotto and I have a great recipe for this classic dish.


Who is your foodie hero?

I really admire Raymond Blanc and I have the utmost respect for Jamie Oliver for all that he’s done to make cooking so accessible and fun.


Which blogs do you like reading / which other blogs do you admire?

Some blogs are must-reads for me including Honest Mum, Pouting in Heels, and Mama and More and I always find a nugget of wisdom at Collecting Moments and Hands Free Mama. Capture by Lucy has wonderful photography and Red Ted Art is amazing for crafting with the little people.