Pancakes, Crepe, Pancake, Süsspeise, Eggs, To Bake

Today is, of course, Pancake Day and to celebrate the Wild West and Wild Card teams have been competing in the #ClarksItChallenge to try and beat some world records. Clarks Maple Syrup and pancakes were in full flow this afternoon as we took part in the following challenges:

  • Who can do the most flips of a pancake in 60 seconds? Did you know that the world record is a crazy 140 flips in one minute.
  • How high can we toss a pancakes? The highest ever pancake toss is 31ft!
  • How many times can we throw and catch a pancake in one minute? The world record is 46 times!

Congratulations to Wild West pancake champion Anna for a staggering 80 flips in 60 seconds, closely followed by runners up Hannah and Megan. You can watch the Cornwall team getting their flip on here.

Sabrina was crowned the #ClarksItChallenge winner of the Wild Card office, Ellie C a close second and third place was awarded to Rebecca.

Well done to everybody and here’s to gobbling more yummy pancakes this evening!