2017 was a big year for the influencer industry. As a sector, its estimated worth now pushes $1 billion worldwide. With so many players in the game, delivering results that stand above the rest in this saturated arena is key.

As a PR agency, the heart of what we do is storytelling – creating authentic content, with an editorial slant, that will engage and excite. We’ve a wealth of experience delivering meaningful influencer campaigns that generate above-industry-averages results and add value to brands.

And, in the spirit of open source, we’re going to share some recent Wild West and Wild Card influencer projects with you. And if you get to the bottom, there are four golden nuggets to get you nailing influencer campaigns for your brand every time.

Lee Kum Kee – Awaken your Soy Senses

Mass influencer campaign

Lee Kum Kee - Awaken your Soy Senses

Aim: Forge an emotional connection between Lee Kum Kee and UK consumers, create a buzz on social and generate new brand assets.

Approach: Drive awareness of the Lee Kum Kee soy sauce range and versatility amongst new consumers. And generate excitement in trialling the soy sauce range, on a journey of discovery, clearly demonstrating ease of use and communicating key brand values of Discovery, Taste, Authenticity & Heritage.

What we did: Produced 75+ pieces of content with influencers working in the food and lifestyle sectors, who each had more than 25K followers on Instagram, and between 10-20K subscribers for YouTubers.


Target: 50K video views

Result: 106K video views

Target: 2 million total reach

Result: 2.7 million total reach

Target: 30K total engagements across Instagram and YouTube – (likes, comments, shares, views)

Result: 108K total engagements

Why it worked: We had a tight creative brief, pre-defined with the client. This meant we recruited influencers who each fitted the brief perfectly, albeit in different ways, in order to reach every segment of the client’s target audience. We sent each influencer a creative mailer crammed with products, recipe and usage ideas and brand history fact file, giving them each the ammunition to completely understand the brand’s illustrious heritage and amazing product range.

Secondly, we had targets linked to three core business objectives: increase brand awareness, educate consumers, and establish relationships with the influencers in the campaign for future outreach.

Highland Spring – Escape to a Sparkling Moment With Rosie Birkett

Highland Spring – Escape to a Sparkling Moment With Rosie Birkett

Highland Spring – Escape to a Sparkling Moment With Rosie Birkett


Aim: Make water special during the countdown to the festive season increasing awareness, consideration and loyalty amongst our audience.
Create multimedia assets to generate lifestyle media coverage and social media engagement.

Approach: With ‘Escape To A Sparkling Moment’ creative rolling out above the line our influencer campaign was developed to provide actionable tips and ideas on how to escape to a moment of calm during a busy period of the year.

What we did: A partnership was established with Rosie Birkett, cook, food writer, stylist and author. We produced exclusive content from Rosie’s ultimate cocktail the Highland Highball to her alcohol free Foragers Fizz with Sparkling water as a starring ingredient. And with canapes to match and entertaining tips, we demonstrated ways to sparkle, making the most of any festive occasion.

Photography communicated to our target media that spirit of escapism with a subtle festive themed creative and editorial feel.

Engaging dynamic social content was developed with gifs and step-by-step recipe videos encouraging our audience to get involved and “create your own” sparkling moment.

Rosie’s distinct calls to action in dedicated posts on her channels maximised reach and engagement at the desired moments.


Target: 60 pieces of coverage

Total media insertions: 60

Total circ: 1,750,059

Opportunities for reach: 4,313,986

Why it worked: The campaign brought ‘Escape to a Sparkling Moment’ to life in a visually engaging way with a fully integrated roll out. Content was maximised across channels with joined up thinking and storytelling.
And due to our deliberate subtle festive creative, we had a second bite of the cherry with Dry January coverage!

Bam Milk – Bam life

Small influencer campaign reaching consumers in a specific location

Bam Milk - Bam lifeAim: Create a buzz on social about the brand, generate new brand assets for digital marketing purposes, with the wider aim of driving sales in Bam Chocolate and Banana following new listings.

Approach: Sign up 12 Instagram influencers, each with an average of 25K followers.

What we did: Provided a Bam ‘tool kit’ to get influencers creative juices flowing, including Bam Chocolate and Banana samples, brand and product information. We tasked each influencer with creating engaging and original content, using the creative mailer for inspiration in the form of recipes and sharing when they had the product in their day. The idea was to create engaging lifestyle content that showcased the versatility of Bam.


Target: 1 million total reach

Result: 1.1 million total reach

Target: 12 influencers in budget

Result: 16 influencers in budget

Target: 250 comments from consumers around potential product purchase

Result: 507 comments from consumers around potential product purchase

Why it worked: We had a clear objective, raise awareness of a product and create brand assets. Our chosen influencers were in outdoor, lifestyle, health and food sectors, which framed the product for the ‘on the go’ consumer in various arenas.

Aluna Coconut Rum – Developing the Aesthetic

Brand ambassador led influencer campaign Aluna Coconut Rum - Developing the AestheticAim: Attract consumers who seek satisfaction for the mind, body and spirit. They understand the reward of delayed gratification, that ‘you’ve earned it’ feeling. Aluna sits as a reward and signifier of their lifestyle.

Approach: Establish a relationship with a brand ambassador, Corinne Evans, as a content producer and brand advocate. Recruit a pool of 40 influencers to support throughout the year around the South West of England, supported by ad spend throughout the year.

What we did: Developed a brand guide for online communication, launched and established all social platforms for the brand, and managed delivery of content over the course of nine months. Produced fresh video and still content, ran giveaways and competitions, as well as cocktail workshops with influencers.


Target: 1 million total reach

Result: 1.3 million total reach

Target: 43 influencers in budget

Result: 48 influencers in budget

Target: 450 comments from consumers

Result: 985 comments from consumers

Why it worked: By combining a sponsorship model with mass influencer outreach, we produced engaging content for a brand launch. This resulted in mass engagement with the brand in lifestyle conversations, as well as educating consumers on core product values on how to use the product.



Our four tips for top-notch influencer campaigns

  1. Identify a clear achievable objective – don’t just ‘have a go’.

Influencer campaigns are scalable, so drill down on a business objective you need to support. It could be a new product launch, re-kindling interest in an existing product range, or simply raising the profile of your brand with a specific demographic to respond to a competitor offering.

  1. Apply your existing knowledge about your customer base, or research thoroughly.

 One of the biggest mistakes made with influencer campaigns is not reaching the right people. If you know that men aged 24-27 buy your product in-store, then this is the group you need to reach online.

However, if you aren’t sure, don’t use a campaign to figure out who your audience is – it’s expensive and you won’t see a return. Do a research project with a consultancy like Wild West or Wild Card. We can help you identify lateral audiences online that you haven’t reached before, and maximise your investment.

  1. Build relationships – make this activity work harder, for longer.

Applying our PR experience  – and with Better Connected at the heart of all we do – we build meaningful relationships with influencers. It’s a two way thing – a brand partnership which will  provide more value to your consumers, and in turn, delivers more valuable leads to your business.

  1. Use the stats to measure achievement of your marketing goals.

You may want to measure brand exposure with reach, or brand recall by looking at how many consumers commented on several influencer posts throughout the campaign. The most important thing is figuring out what measurement will help you make progress as a business, and sticking to it as a benchmark moving forward. Where possible, link your influencer activity to lead measurement software, to see how many consumers actually visit your website.

So, there it is, we’ve worn our heart on our sleeve, we wish you the best of luck with your next campaign.

If you’d like to talk to us more about running an influencer campaign, please get in touch with our directors below:

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Words: Sam Shrimpton

Senior Campaign Executive at Wild West Comms