When it comes to cutting through the news agenda (with no real news), the twin strategies of relevance and resonance are key: is it topical, is it educating and/or entertaining, and is the brand message still an essential part of the story (despite the potential absence of hard news).

So earlier this month we unveiled how Brits are baking on an ever increasing number of occasions thanks to a surge in new celebratory moments, from the return of a favourite (and potentially sociable) TV series to celebrating a divorce and next chapters in life. All for Stork, the essential baking ingredient for any smart kitchen.

Dubbed as ‘Generation Baker’, background research revealed how  the new ‘tribe’ attribute their passion for baking to self-teaching aids becoming more accessible, thanks to online platforms such as YouTube, and more channels through which to share their creations more often.

Specifically, to pay homage to the #1 new baking occasion, we commissioned lifesize cake sculptures to celebrate the return of the nation’s most anticipated TV series this year, Game of Thrones. House of Stark images from the House of Stork.

The three figures were unveiled to intrigued commuters at Potters Field near Tower Bridge, with a suitable castle-feel backdrop fitting for GoT culture,

Created for us by food artist Michelle Wibowo, each sculpture took a whopping 300 hours to bake and decorate. Though painted to look like bronze statues, they’re made from the fluffiest of  sponge cake – with the tallest figure coming in at 173cm tall and weighing a colossal 70kg.

The stunt saw us achieve blanket nationwide coverage for the baking spread, featuring in the likes of the Daily Mirror, Daily Star, Mail Online, Evening Standard and The I, as well as The Grocer. The team even secured a two- minute segment on ITV’s This Morning, securing multiple brand mentions on the hit day-time show.

The listening phase here was critical, timing the stunt and the story for the GoT launch weekend at point of peak anticipation, when we knew media would be looking for colour side stories relating to the programming. As was the quality of the cakes/character imagery, and the life size scale for impact and TV friendly interactivity.

Next up on the news front tyhis week will see a taste-not-waste café for a long lasting food brand for ‘Stop Food Waste Day’. Roll on relevance…