Whether it’s for procrastination or employment, you are hard pushed to find anyone who is not connected with Facebook. Even if you don’t have an account (which is rare), it’s a given that there’s a dodgy photo of you on a night out or a holiday snap on the social networking website.  This week, Facebook are celebrating their tenth birthday, and we’re more than happy to join in the celebration and are excited about the new developments to come from the mind of Mark Zuckerberg.

By the end of 2013, Facebook was being used by 1.23 billion users worldwide, with an increase of 170 million in one year alone. It’s a far cry from Zuckerberg’s dorm room in 2004. The website has become nothing short of a phenomenon by integrating with every aspect of user’s lives from image galleries, suggesting potential friend connections and even tracking where you are – thanks to GSP enabled smartphones.

The ‘social media’ was gold-dust for brands that saw the opportunity to engage with their users at a peer-level and find potential new audiences and customers. It is now standard practise for brands and companies to have a Facebook page, as well as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest… This list is endless! In terms of PR opportunities, Facebook is ideal as the content that is posted is usually current, fresh and trend-driven. This instantaneous sharing of information is key in today’s fast-paced environment.

So, what’s next for Facebook? We’ve spotted that Zuckerberg’s next brainchild will be called ‘Paper’, but is not as traditional as it sounds. Optimised for smartphones, Paper will be a ‘virtual newspaper’ of your friends’ shared stories and photos, almost condensing your newsfeed into a short burst of information that is easy to digest. Its control interface will be based around swiping and full-screen videos – replacing the need for buttons as most smartphones already have.

We’re excited about Paper and all further developments from Facebook. It drives traffic to our client’s websites and increases brand awareness – which is the bread and butter of digital PR. Make sure you check out our Facebook page – and don’t forget to Like!