Whilst Integrated is the (quite right) buzz word to use for campaign planning that delivers deepest impact, it can for some in our sector take attention and focus away from the unique craft we bring to the storytelling table. 

Namely our use of news channels to help drive conversation, shape opinions and make people think. 

‘Content’ is often seen as creative yet controlled in terms of output. But organic editorial news is still hugely influential in setting the agenda for discussions, social flow, and the tick tock of life in a multi channel age. Print vs digital? Format is really less of the question as good stories will flow through both.

So we’re pretty chuffed – and not hiding from that fact –  that in the last ten days we have secured 50 national media features and news stories for our clients. Not mentions or blink and you miss them moments, but features and stories that hang around trends, perspectives and problem solving that are relevant to our client’s businesses. 

And this alongside making filmed content, mining data, securing influencer partnerships and support, and feeding the pace and demand of social channels as part of these storytelling threads.

So it’s not that integrated is not our thing – the very opposite is true as we add fresh senior integrated agency talent to our ranks this week-  it’s just that we don’t deprioritise what is rooted in our DNA and our passions. 

Just don’t let anyone deflect you away from the importance and potential of earned editorial in the PESO mix