This week we had the pleasure of visiting our friends at House & Garden for their inspiring presentation on 2013 interior trends. Our favourite discovery is that all shades of green are ‘in’ for this year, and with spring hopefully just around the corner we can’t wait to embrace this fresh colour.

Check out our interpretations of House & Gardens trends below!

Enough is never enough 

This trend encourages mixing and matching of fabrics, patterns and prints. Pairing old with new, heirloom with grandeur and designing around art collections creates a fabulously over-the-top room.

Nature & simplicity

Embracing the outdoors creates a certain lightness in the home. The botanical trend continues for 2013 in a simpler style with fern inspired pieces and floral fabrics and wallpapers.

Totally floored

This is our favourite trend for 2013. The floor is quickly becoming the focal point in the home and with new trends towards painted floors, mosaic patterns and oak and marble mixes we can’t wait to see this catching on!

Modern Tribal

Inspired by adventure and travel, modern tribal is all about ethnic patterns, bright silks, craft like pieces and sustainable rattan furniture.

Dramatic Walls

Designers and home owners are becoming more and more creative in materials they use on both the floors and the walls. Not just for wallpaper anymore, this trend embraces new materials for the wall like parquet flooring, heavy leather panelling and mosaic tiles.

Collections, antiques and design

Decorating is all about mixing the old with the new. It’s how you create drama, depth and interest in the home. We think this is a trend that is here to stay!