Businesses spend about 135 billion dollars on content marketing annually. Marketers who cannot demonstrate ROI could soon face difficulties in justifying further marketing investments in content creation. As website traffic is one of the most important ROI metrics, SEO plays a big role, maximizing the potential that your digital content will generate organic traffic. Regardless of whether you are writing content for a brand website or your company’s latest blog post, you want this to be something that offers value to your reader, reflects your brand and falls within your business objectives. At the same time, you want something that is also optimised for search engines.

Content optimised for search engines is important for raising the organic traffic of a website, as well as for other ROI indicators, such as attracting potential customers and creating shareable content for social networks. Google determines the relevance of your website by analysing its content based on a number of factors, such as where and how often you use certain words in a piece of content. The key to success is a blend of useful, convincing and valuable content with attention focused on specific diflucan generic name keywords. This means that users are happy to click through and take an action, such as sharing or subscribing to a newsletter. This increases the credibility and relevance of your content and improves your website ranking in Google for selected keywords.

Before writing your search engine optimised content, it is important to understand what your readers/end users are seeking. Then, focus on a specific topic the reader is interested in  or has questions about, and always make sure the content is on brand! Do not flood the pages with keywords and do not overly optimise them – the only way to use keywords is to strategically place them in your content. Do not forget to create a compelling and engaging title with a clickable headline, add alternative keywords to your meta data and introduction and make sure that it reads well. If the keywords don’t read well, simply remove and just re-write it naturally.

Businesses should ensure that content is as acceptable for search algorithms as for end users, don’t forget that writing a good article is only the first step for content marketing success.