Planning an event can often be a stressful process, what with making sure people turn up and ensuring the catering is spot on.

Having managed and organised countless events over the years, here’s our top tips for planning a great bash:

– To get footfall to your event make sure it has a great hook. Why is it going to be different to every other event happening that month? What is unusual about it? Why will people come?

– Quirky invitations are a great way to grab someone’s attention and will get them excited about the event straight away. We’ve had hand-made invites printed on to leather and sent as a scroll before and others hand-embroidered onto fabric – the more creative the better!

– Location location location – the right venue is key to an event and if it isn’t in a central location, like zone 1 in London, you might have trouble getting people there. If your buy fluconazole 100mg RSVP’s aren’t coming in thick and fast, offer cars to key individuals to guarantee they’ll be able to make it

– Give your event the wow factor by hiring a stylist to style the venue. They’ll come up with fantastically creative ideas to show your products off beautifully and make the event one to remember

– There’s nothing worse than going to an event that doesn’t have enough food or drink to go around. Remember if you’re having an evening bash your guests probably will have worked all day and will be famished by the time they get to you. Having extra food and drink to hand is great if more people turn up than expected. Sale or return is always a good option for drinks to ensure you won’t run out and can return any unopened bottles post-event, and if in doubt posh popcorn and hummus & crisps never fails!