We are thrilled to once again be working to promote Sebastian Conran‘s ICON sculpture. On 23rd September, for one day only, Londoners will have the opportunity to see the beautiful sculpture on display outside the Royal Albert Hall as part of the TEDx Albertopolis event.

The first TEDx event ever held at the Royal Albert Hall, TEDxAlbertopolis will be a half­day of inspiring and entertaining talks exploring how science, medicine and technology coexist with the arts in modern society. Speakers from a wide range of disciplines will share their unique perspective on the space where art and science meet.

This outstanding sculpture, launched earlier this year at Royal Ascot, is hewn from five tons of stainless steel and a Concorde nose that played a pivotal role in the certification of Concorde as a supersonic passenger airliner.  Aptly named ICON, the sculpture has taken years of work and persistence, culminating in a piece that celebrates the beauty of technology and man’s conquering of supersonic flight. A celebration of British engineering, Concorde captured the hearts and imaginations of the British public and has now been transformed into a considered work of art for all to admire.

The sculpture’s appearance during the TEDx event at this central London landmark will mark 40 years since Concorde’s first non-stop trans-Atlantic flight.