Instagram Analytics, they’ve arrived! After years of waiting, we can finally see how many people are really seeing our Instagram content. It’s what we’re calling “Instagramalytics”, but what can this tool reveal for your business?



Clicking into the main insight page will deliver you with total impressions, reach for the week, profile views this week and clicks to the website. The first thing of note is that the differential between impressions and reach are quite striking. In the client we’re looking at there are 1,066 impressions and a reach of 352. This means either our hashtagging is excellent and our content easily discoverable, or our existing audience is viewing the content more than one time. Either way, it cements just how important the quality of your imagery is to avoid irritating or losing followers as they are potentially seeing it multiple times? A small scroll to the right allows users to see how many people are looking at their profile. Useful information and far higher than you’d expect in this example with half the people reached going on to make a profile view. This suggests a strong call to action in your bio and giving people a reason to continue the journey with your brand might be a smart move…

Scroll down a touch and you come to top posts. It’s a 7-day view, and all posts from the last 7 days in order of impressions are available. The first thing that screams out is a lack of individual reach numbers. This makes calculating a post by post engagement rate accurately rather tricky without making a few assumptions. The top post here has 289 impressions and 20 likes.  We could draw an almost 7% engagement rate from these figures. However, given our earlier reach figure and this post accounting for 30% of our impressions we could argue it also accounts for 30% of the reach. In theory our engagement rate could be as high as 20%… Minefield stuff and either way it’s making other networks engagement rates look ludicrously low.

Finally we come down to followers. Brilliant to get some insight into who is following. Much like almost every Facebook account going, the main followers are females 25-44 (anyone else ever have anything different?!). What excites and terrifies equally here is the time of day we’re best off posting. Yes you guessed it, after office hours and weekends are when most of our followers are online…

Let us know your thoughts, early days and a real broad assessment of good engagement rates is needed for us all to benchmark against. How are you finding the new analytics?


Bring on Instagram scheduling!!!