As a never-ending stream of new products roll out across the nation every day, how do you create that media worthy splash that captures the attention of journalists and consumers alike?

Today we curated the announcement of a new product to hit the shelves, a rice pudding named Naughty But Rice, with Daisy Lowe as Brand Consultant and Ambassador.

In the age of visual story telling, with images and video content receiving significantly higher engagement and reach, it’s imperative to consider the effective impact of a striking image to launch a campaign.

Blanket coverage was secured across A* media for the brand using content generated from a colourful photo shoot inspired by the Pop Art-esque Naughty But Rice packaging with Daisy Lowe. 

Daisy’s partnership with the brand will also include a collaboration on new product development in the new year for a limited edition flavour.  With a nation of increasingly cynical consumers, it was an important part of the communications strategy that any celebrity partnership delivered more than just a “face” of a campaign and featured credible ongoing involvement.

Coverage for the launch for Naughty But Rice appeared in the national news including The Daily Mail, The Mirror, Daily Express, The Star, The Sun and Metro including a raft of online lifestyle channels.

Naughty But Rice is available in three flavours: Salted Caramel, Coconut and Raspberry and Chocolate Orange [£1rrp] from Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Boots.