Social media is changing the way we pitch to journalists, which is no bad thing – cue snapchat.

A far cry from the waffly email, Twitter’s 120 characters rule means that PR pitches need to be distilled down to their essence, with absolutely no room for surplus information. And now some journalists are asking for pitches to be sent via Snapchat, valuing the brevity, informality and creativity that the platform brings.

We enjoyed Gorkana’s piece on why CNBC’s international technology reporter, Arjun Kharpal, favours pitches via Snapchat, and are mulling over ways to use snaps and videos for our pitches going forward, whatever platforms we use.

Check it out here: Gorkana

Ellie G - Head of Media Relations at Wild West Comms

Words: Ellie Glason

Head of Media Relations at Wild West Comms