Learning about PR… Anna, 15 and Amber, 19 share their Wild experiences

 “I basically knew nothing about PR before I started, all I knew is that they do a lot in the media and that Wild Card work with some really cool clients.” Anna (15)

 So what really is PR and what do you do? That is the question we hope to help answer when we welcome aspiring young PRs into our offices.

Work experience placements are of course (usually) mutually beneficial in a busy office, with a list of jobs for ‘the work experience person’ mounting long before their arrival. Balancing the more mundane administrative tasks we all (ahem) love (…like sorting the magazines, again!) with the fun ‘PR work’ has become an art in itself.

We decided to ask our latest summer recruits to share their experience of peering into the world of PR. Read their accounts below!

Thanks Amber and Anna!

Inside the world of PR

by Amber Rees, 19


Despite only interning at Wild Card’s Cornwall office for two weeks, I gained an invaluable amount of experience and the time, quite literally, flew by.

As expected, I had no idea what was awaiting me as I arrived for my first day, and in fact was a little nervous. However, everyone was friendly and I immediately felt included.

I was given a range of interesting tasks to broaden my understanding of PR beginning with sitting in on the Monday morning videoconference with the London office, which gave me a flavour of how the agency works. The workload rapidly increased as the days passed which lead to me carrying out an array of tasks. From calculating coverage scores for client reports and reviews, to carrying out market research, helping coordinate a focus group and helping brainstorm creative ideas, I felt really involved in the day-to-day work of the office.

As well as this, I assisted in creating presentations and researching creative opportunities and social content for the brands Wild Card represents, which helped me see the variety of work involved.

As I studied English, Drama and Philosophy for A level, and hope to progress to a degree in this region, I found the tasks very satisfying, as I was able to practically apply what I had learnt.

The experience is an excellent addition to my CV and a great help when talking to potential employers. It was amazing to have my eyes opened to such a creative industry and to see how varied and interesting PR can be, particularly the range of approaches and angles that exist in the food, drink and lifestyle sector.

The experience has catalysed an even greater interest into the world of public relations for me, and therefore has been one of the most rewarding work experiences I have done to date.

A Q&A with Anna Polglase, 15

Why did you choose PR for your work experience?

I chose PR because I don’t know what I want to do in the future. So, for my work experience I wanted to do something that I was completely new to and didn’t really know much about, which would make me think more about what I want to do in college and in future careers. Wild Card also sounded like an amazing company, which I was really excited about.

How much did you know about PR before you started?

I basically knew nothing about PR before I started, all I knew is that they do a lot in the media and that Wild Card work with some really cool clients.

What did you learn?

I learnt a lot working here over the week. Wild Card does so much more than just media, which is what I thought to begin with. I learnt how to do a coverage review for clients which gave me an insight into the range of media and stories Wild Card work with and what a social content calendar is – it was fun helping think of tweets and Facebook posts for some of the brands.

What did you most enjoy?

I enjoyed meeting everyone and I enjoyed doing the coverage reviews for clients because it was really interesting, and to also see how many newspapers and magazines had mentioned the clients in their pieces.

Has anything surprised you about what we do?

Yes, I was generally surprised by the whole job because I didn’t know much about PR and how much they do. I had no idea what to expect and so it was all surprising to me – but in a good way of course.

Does a career in PR interest you?

Yes it does because it seems fun and a really interesting career choice, with lots of different sectors to work in.