This month we kick started the Student SOS campaign for Linda McCartney Foods. We first launched Student SOS social media and sampling campaign last year to inspire people to enjoy the vegetarian brand as a quick and convenient meal during the first term of University. The activation was a huge success, even more so than the previous year, reaching huge social numbers and successfully driving brand awareness in the digital space.

This year’s sampling took place at 14 campuses where we arranged a branded Linda McCartney’s tour van to drive from location to location throughout the first few weeks of term. Ahead of the activity we approached the university student unions and vegetarian societies to drive interest and social media support.

We drove footfall to the sampling at each site by amplifying the giveaway of goodie bags full of ingredients for students to recreate Linda McCartney Foods’ Pesto Pasta with Vegetarian Pulled Chicken. Using #MeatFreeFeasts, we encouraged students to cook vegetarian meals for their housemates and join in the conversation on social.

To gain the highest reach and engagement possible, we held a BuzzRoom to directly tweet to universities, student unions, presidents, societies and student media. As a result, our total impressions were 177,321 with an engagement rate of 3.05%. Students were also invited to upload a selfie with the same hashtag for a chance to win one of three £100 supermarket vouchers.
With a combination of social proactivity, competitions and giveaways we were able to create our own conversation on social media and encourage customers to join in on their social channels. Social buzz is just one way to raise brand awareness online and is something we will continue to do for our portfolio of clients.