The UK’s lacklustre lunchtime choices, eaten on a loop, were the subject of conversation Wild Card hit upon to talk about to the British media as a pivotal component of New Covent Garden Soup’s integrated Revive Your Lunch-Life campaign.

The campaign scored twenty-three pieces of high profile national news coverage, across broadsheets and tabloids, both in-print and online. This was also combined with broadcast coverage too.

The brand revealed the humble ham sandwich topped the poll of the most common lunches, with 77% of the UK admitting they have the same lunch on repeat. The cues to speak buy diflucan cream about New Covent Garden Soup lay in the reasoning for this inertia – a lack of inspiration, cost, and ease of preparation. Soup, and particularly New Covent Garden Soup’s range, offered the ideal solution to these issues and to revive the country’s lunch-life.

Not only did the campaign outstrip its national media KPIs sevenfold, it set the news agenda throughout the days following the initial news story landing, with national broadcast and broadsheet coverage.

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