Like most office-based workers in the UK, we face the daily question of where to buy lunch. As an office of food, drink and design PRs, we’ve got the area around our office – Strand and Aldwych – sewn up.  We know exactly where to find the best sashimi, which eatery has the most interesting interior design, who is the best barista in WC2E and what food trends can be found within an mile radius of Brettenham House.  That was until this week when we fell head over heels for the latest arrival just a few blocks from our front door.  Melba by The Savoy opened on Monday with little fanfare but let’s be honest, that’s not what Melba is about.  The beautiful pastries, cakes, shiny copper window decals, ebony and marble shop fittings and tasteful branding grabbed us before we had even stepped over the threshold.

All the food is made fresh every day by the chefs at The Savoy (next door) and that includes breakfast pastries and fruit salads for the morning, lunch choices such as sandwiches and smoked salmon croissants, and a selection of jewel coloured cakes, desserts and tartlets for the afternoon or as a treat to take home (yes we did do exactly that).  Savoy branded biscuits, chocolates, tea, cakes, tarts and mints are beautifully displayed on the luxurious marble shelving, and the hot drinks are quickly and efficiently dispatched by the Savoy-trained baristas.
Every element of the presentation of Melba has been considered and perfectly executed, and not only that, they open at 6:30am.  I know where we will be buying cappuccinos for our early morning news desk sell-ins.