2 stunts we’re proud of from 2019

We are proud of all the work we deliver for our clients, but it was nice to start the year with recognition from The Grocer for two campaigns that made their ‘Top 10 from 2019’ feature. Which in maths terms means roughly a ten percent hit rate…

The two they picked (from what they have seen and written about across the year- this was not about submissions) were our ‘House of Stork’ campaign for Stork, and the ‘Bagellizza’ for the New York Bakery Co.

As a recap, here is the Bagellizza video that supported the story of what happened when National Bagel Day met National Pizza Day for a bit of a takeover/hijack  – thanks to a 12 inch bagel-pizza hybrid that intrigued media, social audiences and lucky-enough-to-get-hold of one consumers.

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For ‘The House of Stork’, we married the insight around how people are baking on a host of different occasions beyond birthdays and anniversaries to now include box set binges and appointment TV moments, with the return of the ultimate appointment TV of the last decade, Game of Thrones.

This saw us recast The Stark family as the Stork family in full size human cake form, and the media agenda nicely matched with sideways perspective content on GoT that they wanted and needed. National media spreads, social pick up and sharing, a TV appearance and supporting making of film (it took our cake baker 300 hours…) made this one we were indeed proud of.

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Thanks to The Grocer team for the recognition.