How birds are the antidote to Twitter…

In a fast-paced, social media dominated world, it’s sometimes hard to take time for yourself and unplug from ‘the matrix’. That’s why Norwegian TV channel NRK, the masterminds behind those six-day long cruise videos, has created the Piip Show! Based in a bird feeder created in the style of Java, an Oslo coffee shop, the show documents the trials and tribulations of its clientele including a nuthatch, a magpie, a blue tit, a bill finch and a passing red squirrel.

However, ironically enough the videos have generic diflucan been getting masses of attention on Social Media, with NRK reporting record figures of 30,000 unique visitors to the website on Friday alone. Even the Norway’s Crown Princess Mette-Marit is a fan, tweeting that the show is “the best thing on the internet”.

So, if you feel like you need to switch off for an hour, why not tune in to the Piip Show and recharge those social media batteries – and then you can post about it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinter…