The Wild Card Tetley Tea team train at the Tea Academy

The newest members of the Tetley Tea team here at Wild Card headed to Tetley HQ in Greenford for introductory Tea Academy training!  Met by the Master Tea Blenders & Buyers including Seb, the man with the £1m tastebuds, they were taught the differences in tea leaf taste.

Harriet Wild Card Tetley Tea training

Harriet is tested on her tasting skills at the Tetley Tea Academy

However, it wasn’t all seminars and PowerPoints, the guys were lucky enough to spend lots of the day in the Tea Tasting Rooms. Multiple rows of teas were laid out to test first hand, giving an idea of the hundred of cups tried by tasters per day, and on a wider scale it reflected the fact that tea leaves are tasted eight or more times before it reaches the consumer. Though the team’s tastebuds weren’t sophisticated enough to differentiate between different region’s teas, it proved the expertise that Tetley tea tasters have to blend one of the nations most loved teas. We also got a sneak peak into the Scented Room, where the latest herbal and fruit teas are concocted, including the award-winning Supers range infused with vitamins,  the first of their kind!

Tetley Tea Academy Wild Card

After a day on the inside of the world of Tetley, learning the journey of the tea leaves from the farm to the tea bags, it certainly makes the copious amount of Tetley tea drunk in the Wild Card offices all the more enjoyable!