Tomorrow night, I – along with the rest of the team at Wild West Communications – will be spending the night in the great outdoors, at the Eden Project Sleep Out event, to raise money for homeless charities.

I have spent the last week trying to work out how I am actually going to get through a night sleeping outside in what is now a rather cold November.

No tent, no blow up mattress – yes this is for real.  My mum kindly read out the weather report: “It’s likely to rain dear”. That wasn’t terribly helpful of her to be honest.  Do I sleep under an umbrella?  It seems awful that all I can worry about is one night of discomfort, when homelessness affects so many people in Cornwall, and the UK as a whole.

In fact, a report by Shelter, published today, reveals that one in 200 people in the UK are homeless, which is a shocking statistic that highlights once more what a serious issue this is. I am feeling humble: I have a home and central heating and a lovely bed, and this will be a massive reality check for all of us at Wild West Communications.

Please do support us by donating – here is our link: 

We are raising money for St Petroc’s Society, which provides a diverse range of services for homelessness in Cornwall.

Georgie Upton - Divisional Director at Wild West Comms

Words: Georgie Upton

Director at Wild West Comms