It seems that the PR and marketing industries are continuously thinking up new innovative ways to get their brand seen across digital, print and outdoor marketing platforms. So far this year we’ve seen a selection of fantastic campaigns hitting the headlines – both good and bad! To pay tribute to this we’ve selected three of our favourites below;


Ikea (AU)

Yet another example of IKEA thinking outside the box! The Swedish brand ran a Valentine’s Day campaign in Australia offering a free cot for babies born on 14th November 2013 (exactly 9 months later). Promoted only as a print ad, this campaign got pick-up hugely across digital channels. In particular Social Media coverage was extensive and caught the attention of not only Australia but the rest of the world – good to see how doing things a bit differently can really sky-rocket a campaign’s effectiveness.



Tourism Australian (UK)

After the successful launch of the ‘Best Job in the World’ campaign in 2009, Tourism Australia are back with an additional six jobs aimed at promoting Australia’s rich culture. Roles up for grabs include Chief Funster, Outback Adventurer and Wildlife Caretaker!  The tourism body has set up a pop-up surf club in London’s Waterloo Station, combined with on-campus coverage at 18 UK Universities which provides them direct access to their 18-30 year old target market. Having chosen great industry partners, the body is working with Virgin Australia, STA Travel, Ikea, Sony Music and  This is a fantastic multi-channel promotion, combining traditional PR, social media and experiential activity.



Three Mobile (UK)

After a four year absence, Three have launched their first major branding campaign featuring a Fleetwood Mac dancing horse. Yes, you heard us right! The currently running TV ad features a Shetland Pony moonwalking to “Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac, and is supported by a YouTube app which encourages users to ‘mix’ the ad with different animals and songs. Pushed across Social Media, TV and digital, this is a great example of a successful branding campaign.