Before the madness of London Design Festival kicks into fifth gear we took the time to pop into Top Drawer at Olympia. Browsing through the home section we were impressed with the goods on offer with a trend towards vintage-chic on some stalls and bold, block coloured prints on others.

A few stands really caught our eyes for their beautiful styling, mix of products, exciting patterns and of course the token owl, so here are our top 5!

1.     Ali Miller London

We found Ali Miller’s beautiful collections in the ‘Spotted with Charlotte Abrahams’ showcase, an area of the show dedicated to new talent and designed as an entry point for a whole new generation of exhibitors.  We’re partial to a nice pot of tea in the office so Ali’s ‘Hampstead Heath’ teapot and saucer collection featuring a butterfly motif was a big hit.

2.     New House Textiles

Carrying on with our teatime train of thought (must be something to do with visiting at elevenses) our eyes lit-up at Charlotte Farmer’s print collection at New House Textiles which feature hand-drawn illustrations of teapots and biscuits. Starting off with blinds and curtain New House Textiles now offer a range of homewares in their beautiful prints – check out the vintage buy fluconazole 200 mg uk print Swedish tea towels!

3.     L Living

Making beautifully designed products in Thailand, L Living draw inspiration from nature using recycled woods across their products. We loved the styling on their stand with the mix of colours, print and textures grouped perfectly across the walls – are real eye catcher!

4.     Terrace & Garden

We spotted this gorgeous collection of vintage garden pots as soon as we walked into the hall and couldn’t help but keep coming back to the same spot! This tiered display is made up of several smaller pots to create a cake-stand effect, topped off with vintage bird figures, terracotta pots and delicate flowers this is a look we’ll be recreating at our next event.

5.     Parlane International

Last but not least, no Parker Hobart show round-up would be complete without our favourite owl piece, and this show’s owl award goes to Parlane International! Not only did their stand feature white owls both large and small but also carved wooden owls, owl bookends and ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil owls! A worthy winner indeed!

This blog post was brought to you by our resident tea and owl lover – Laura Blake (aka Blakey)