The great hipster hijack?

Ten years ago the word ‘hipster’ did not exist, nowadays it’s as common as a pair of skinny jeans. Did you know how easy it is to be a hipster? Simply hop onto your ebay account and purchase the first Ramones  T-Shirt you can find, join Tumblr (Instagram will do as well), grow a mustache (for the men only please!), grab your first pair of disco coloured pants from American Apparel and voila…you’ve grown yourself a hipster!

Intoxicated by plants

The next big craze in cocktails is homegrown right in your very own garden. The botanical world is providing some of the ingredients for the best drinks out there, from pomegranate vodka to oak flavoured gin. We are loving this trend in creative and oh so tasty cocktails and places like the Gin Gardens (a travelling bar popping up in unexpected spaces, mixing, serving and talking about drink) are getting us all on the cocktail bandwagon.

We also suggest trying the new pop up gin bar at the Indian restaurant Carom in Soho, on until Autumn 2013.

What’s with all the tourists?

Okay we know London is a great city and one of the world’s go-to destinations. Culture…check, history…check, amazing bars, restaurants and shopping…triple check – but sometimes the hoards of tourists are just too  much to handle. The Sunday Telegraph has reported on Tourism authorities which are now encouraging travelers to get out of London and see the rest of the country. So from the Lake District to Hever castle….we are also encouraging tourists to remove themselves from Oxford Street and go forth and see the rest of this splendid country.

Designs changing the city landscape

This article in The Observer’s New Review looks at Pop-up designs and how they are changing London. They are now just as much part of the summer as Glastonbury and Henley. Although temporary, these pop-ups get an extraordinary following, as they ‘pop-up’ in some of the most unexpected places. One of our favourites is Dalston House, a full-scale mock-up of a terraced house façade and a mirror on the other side, so it creates the illusion that you are climbing on a vertical service. We love how creative, innovative and design led London has become!