Rocking and coding: new brand of summer camps

British parents are relying on a new breed of summer camps to ward off child boredom until September this year. From scuba diving to computer coding, your kids shall never be moping around the house ever again! Though what’s wrong with raft building and mud we ask?

The Guardian, Saturday 27th July

Being childish is good for you

Nowadays, you can’t flick through the channels without catching 5 seconds of ‘Baby Beauty Queens’ or ‘My six year old son, the next Einstein’. It seems that childhood adventures are being diminished, but according to Jeannette Kupfermann being childish is good for you, as we at Parker Hobart can vouch for! Try doing a cartwheel, plant a row of sunflowers or splash around in puddles. All perfectly acceptable and very do-able.

YOU magazine, The Daily Mail, Sunday 28th July

Restaurant investors ride the crest of a Mexican wave

Noticing the enormous hunger for Mexican food in the capital, restaurants like Wahaca are paving the way for Burritos and tacos and relishing in the response. At Parker buy diflucan one Hobart, of course, we adore Mexican and think there really should be a dedicated day of the week for Mexican food. Mexican Monday?

The Independent, Sunday 28th July

Straight or curly?

Hairstyles are a hot topic at Parker Hobart towers. To-curl or not to-curl. Are rollers in or out? Whose used all the hairspray in the bathroom!? However much we preen and pamper, our hairstyles can say a lot about us, apparently. Straight, sleek hair provokes business-minded determination, whereas beach waves show you’re playful and easy going. We’ll forever have mirrors glued to our desks from now on.

The Observer, Sunday 28th July

School of rock

Designers Ed Barber and Jay Osgerby’s low cost, durable and light tilting chairs are proving to be a contemporary, classroom hero. Commissioned in 2008 for a secondary school in the West Midlands, the design duo rustled up a rocking desk chair which actually improves children’s concentration and circulation while they work away. If you’re reading this Ed and Jay, we want! Please.

Financial Times Weekend magazine, 27th July 2013