Much like our approach to Easter eggs this weekend, property in the UK is being snapped up and consumed faster than ever.

House price inflation, in England alone, has reached 9.7 per cent and the average house price is now £253,000, The Times’ Carol Lewis reports.  For those looking to increase the value of their home, consider a first floor bathroom, an en suite in the master bedroom or a conservatory, which will boost your property up to 10% more in value.

In The Daily Telegraph, all eyes are on Battersea Power Station and the eight-billion pound renovation by architect firm Michaelis Boyd Associates. Max Davidson mentions that despite the 254 luxury apartments starting from £800,000, demand is high for a slice of the premier site. The Northern Line extension will also improve Battersea’s status on the London property scene, as the lack of transport links were initially a major drawback for investors.

Meanwhile in Scotland, Aberdeen’s house prices have seen the greatest property growth over the past decade in the UK. Oil, gas and development in renewable sources have made Aberdeen a leading energy exporter, Francesca Steele of the Financial Times finds. Some London boroughs have seen similar price rises, such as Westminster, Hammersmith and Fulham, but Aberdeen is the only city to have seen nominal growth above 100%. London’s increase, by comparison, is 82%.

As you can see, it’s difficult keeping up with the rapid pace of the UK property market. To stay in the know, with those who know, we’ve selected our top three Twitter accounts to follow for news and ideas on property: