We’ve recently been retained by vertical farming company, GrowUp Farms, to deliver their annual corporate and consumer comms programme.


GrowUp Farms crops are grown, year-round in the UK, in a controlled environment that provides the plants with ideal growing conditions, resulting in fresher, longer-lasting and better tasting salad – all grown sustainably, using on-site renewable energy.


Construction of a fourth farm in Sandwich, Kent, is currently underway, and the farm is expected to begin delivering its first harvest of ready-to-eat salad leaves to U.K. supermarket shelves early next year.


Our job is to support the company the company’s growth and journey into retailers, raising its national profile. We will also be supporting local recruitment drives, as the construction of the new farm continues.


For us, this is a brilliant opportunity to work with a business at the forefront of the UK farming industry evolution – growing more delicious, affordable salad that stays fresher in people’s fridges. And what an incredible story to tell an increasingly cost-conscious and environmentally savvy UK consumer.