Here at Parker Hobart we’re always on the lookout for fun and exciting things to do, and with our temporary offices super close to Victoria Station we’re in the perfect location to visit the latest pop-up promotion. A temporary British Airways flight-simulator game has been set up in the main concourse and every 15 minutes tickets are given away to the player with the highest score, to a host of far flung destinations including Barbados, St.Lucia and Orlando! I’m not sure about you, but we could definitely do with a bit of winter sun to end a miserable January!


As you can imagine, as soon as we found out this was happening the whole office was straight down there to see if it was a run-way success! Turning into the station, we first come across ground agents directing flustered commuters into the check-in line, where perfectly pristine BA staff register and hand out boarding passes. We’re advised to leave any emotional baggage outside as we make our way to the arcade-style flight simulators for take-off.

Flying through a course of hoops and then landing perfectly sure isn’t plane sailing, but finally we did it! Our scores are published on the board and a countdown of 15 minutes begins, with other would-be pilots competing for their place on the leader board and putting our hopes of a holiday up in the air. With 10 seconds to go, the compere starts the countdown, whipping onlookers into a frenzy of excitement and creating a great buzz across the station. Only to find out we haven’t won.

Perhaps our boyfriends are right (for once) and there really is a benefit of playing computer games all day, as all the winners seem to be men! Better luck next time girls, or maybe we can wing it (sorry – last one!) instead by entering via the BA Facebook page. And if the office is closed next time you visit, at least you know where to find us!