Social Media, apps and push notifications on mobile devices mean that we are never truly disconnected from our digital lives. Working in digital PR & Advertising means that I am continuously checking my phone and laptop to monitor current projects. At Wild West we run campaigns around the clock for different clients. We believe that our clients’ products and experiences are the best and we really want to share their story.   

But inevitably monitoring this much online activity takes its toll. It gets to a point every now and then when all I want to do is go for a walk on the Helford and relax in my favourite secret cove with no phone signal. “It’s your job, you chose it!” I hear you cry. But I’m sharing this with you for a couple of really important reasons.

Firstly, it’s important to remember that our tolerance for constant digital content and advertising is higher than the majority of the audiences we target as it’s the nature of our work. Every day my computer screen is full of 30+ Twitter, Facebook, Instagram feeds along with several other monitoring tools. To some extent I’ve become immune to it, which  means that I probably don’t need to down tools as often as our audiences.

Secondly, remembering the above is vitally important when developing a successful campaign. As digital advertisers it’s important to respect your audience’s personal space.


Understanding when your audience wants to talk with a brand is as important as what you want to talk about.

It’s very easy to blanket advertise on Twitter. You can chuck a massive sum of money behind a campaign and blast your message across the internet for 24 hours straight to every person between the ages of 13 and 65. But this isn’t cost effective for our clients, and, more importantly, it’s not very professional.

With blanket advertising you run the risk of really annoying your audience. Consumers respond to tailored messages as it makes them feel like your brand’s sharing something special with them. And the opposite is true of one-size-fits all messaging. It can feel like you are indiscriminately shouting at them and they will take steps to avoid you.

At Wild West we strive for that feeling of genuine exclusivity and make sure that at out outset we identify the specific goals of a digital campaign, approaching our audiences with the information they will want to interact with at a time that is best for them.

Remembering all this is important so that our audiences don’t feel like they need to scurry away to a quiet place like my secret cove on the Helford. At the end of the day, every campaign needs to feel positive, engaging and add to the conversation. So respect your audience’s personal space and really think about when they will want to talk to you.

Words: Sam Shrimpton

Senior Campaign Executive at Wild West Comms

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